May 29, 2024

Call the meeting to order at 4:30pm

Roll Call

Public Expressions

Approval of prior minutes

Treasurers report

Directors report

Old Business –

New Business –

Election of Trustees _


Cattaraugus Free Library Board Minutes                                4/24/2024

Meeting was called to order by President Edward Erhart at 4:30 pm

In attendance: Ed Erhart, Sue Gilman, Sandy Blood, Allison Girod, Heather Gogel, Tyler Soderlund

A motion was made by Heather and 2nd by Allison to accept the Secretaries report as written – Carried

A motion was made by Sandy and 2nd by Allison to accept the treasures report as written. Carried

A motion was made by Sue, 2nd by Sandy to accept the director report as written. – Carried

Old Business –

New Business – The library property was vandalized on the 4th of April by two 13-year-old children. The police were called and the situation was handled to the Jenny Lee’s, Library’s and the police’s satisfaction. The tow children have been banned from the library and the Jenny Lee for a period of 3 months unless accompanied by a parent of guardian.

Tyler is working with Saving grace for the summer reading program this year.  We will have 3-week program two days a week Saving grace is handling the sign ups. Our theme is Adventure. The school is not doing a summer camp this year.

Tyler has reserved the Reptile place for one of the programs for summer reading at a cost of $595.00

Sue made a motion 2nd by Heather to put the donation from Allison of $1000.00 into programing – Carried

Our unemployment insurance questions are still being worked on.

Our next meeting is on May 29, 2024. Reports are due by the 17th of May.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:45 pm.

Submitted by Sandy Blood