February 28, 2024

Call the meeting to order at 4:30pm

Roll Call

Public Expressions

Approval of prior minutes

Treasurers report

Directors report

Old Business – s

New Business –

Election of Trustees _


Cattaraugus Free Library Board Minutes                                1/17/2024

Meeting was called to order by President Edward Erhart at 4:30 pm

In attendance: Ed Erhart, Sue Gilman, Sandy Blood, Allison Girod, Gretchen Walker, Heather Gogel, Tyler Soderlund

A motion was made by Allison and 2nd by Heather to accept the Secretaries report as written – Carried

A motion was made by Allison and 2nd by Sandy to accept the treasures report as written. Carried

A motion was made by Sue, 2nd by Sandy to accept the director report as written. – Carried

Old Business –

New Business –   A motion was made by Sandy 2nd by Heather to roll over our CD at CCB to a new 6-month CD – carried

A motion was made by Allison 2nd by Gretchen to open a new CD at CCB in the amount of $100,000.00 for 6 months – carried

We received a $400.00 donation for the on-line giving foundation. We also received a $2000.00 donation in memory of Merry Lankow. We have taken in $795.00 from the Holiday letter.

Sandy made a motion 2nd by Sue to put $250.00 of the donation money towards DVDs and the rest toward the elevator – Carried

Tyler has reached out to shipo on the elevator they want to know if there will be ground disturbance. He also talked to Bison elevator and was asking about prices if we go with a full-sized elevator, it could go as high as $500,000.00.

We will receive our wiring quote in February it will be done by Mike at systems.

A motion was made by sue 2nd by Gretchen to give Tyler a 2nd weed of vacation now and leave his pay at $20.00 an hour – carried

A motion waw made by Sue 2nd by Allison to give Paula 3 days paid vacation a year – carried

A discussion was held on the review of our policies.

A motion was made by Sue 2nd by Gretchen to have Sandy Change the Directors name and phone number, the presidents phone number in the Disaster policy so it is correct. – carried

Our next meeting is on February 28, 2024. Reports are due by the 19th of February.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:10 pm.

Submitted by  Sandy Blood



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