August 17 , 2022

Call the meeting to order at 4:30pm

Roll Call

Public Expressions

Approval of prior minutes

Treasurers report

Directors report

Old Business – Upstairs

New Business



Cattaraugus Free Library Board Minutes                                7-20-2022

Meeting was called to order by President Edward Erhart at 4:30 pm

In attendance: Ed Erhart, Sue Gilman, Sandy Blood, Merry Lankow, Judy Lemk, Allison Girod, Debra Nichols and Lori Antholzner

A motion was made by Allison and 2nd by Merry to accept the Secretaries report as written – Carried

A motion was made by Sandy and 2nd by Allison to accept the treasures report as written. Carried

A motion was made by Sandy 2nd by Merry to accept the Director’s report as written. Carried

Directors Comments

We have had 22 adults and 10 Children visit our library on the library road trip.

The Artsapaloolza had a good turnout of 100 plus people. Everyone had a good time. The food trucks did well.

We had 30 registered to attend the summer reading program but have only had 24 attend. The 29th is the last day of summer reading and it is the Revco animal show.

The ARC application has been withdrawn and the Ralph Wilson grant has been denied.

Lori would like to extend the hours in the fall and open on Saturdays.

Lori let us know that on Tuesday at the summer reading program a child and chair fell over on her foot.

Old business

Ed is working upstairs again and may need more insulation for the ceiling. Tim Hickman is helping him.

New Business

Dan Olgvee is coming to look at the down stairs air conditioner as it is kicking off the breaker.

Our next meeting is on August 17, 2022. Reports are due by the 10th of July.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:55 pm.

Submitted by

Sandy Blood