September 20, 2023

Call the meeting to order at 4:30pm

Roll Call

Public Expressions

Approval of prior minutes

Treasurers report

Directors report

Old Business – vote on the Photography, photocopy and video policy – report on clay class

New Business – discuss increase in budget – discuss new wiring in library for the computers and new phones

Election of Trustees _


Cattaraugus Free Library Board Minutes                                7-19-2023

Meeting was called to order by President Edward Erhart at 4:30 pm

In attendance: Ed Erhart, Sue Gilman, Sandy Blood, Allison Girod, Heather Gogel, Gretchen Walker and Tyler Soderlund

A motion was made by Allison and 2nd by Sue to accept the Secretaries report as written – Carried

A motion was made by Allison and 2nd by Sandy to accept the treasures report as written. Carried

A motion was made by Sue, 2nd by Allison to accept the director report as written. – Carried

Old Business

Summer Reading went well all had fun with the pirate show. Tyler is rescheduling the puppet show to the end of August.

The cables upstairs now have ends so the Wi-Fi can be connected.

New Business

There will be a clay class on the 12th of August at 1pm with a maximus of 12 children ages 4-12.

Sue made a motion 2nd by Gretchen to cancel the August meeting, with the next meeting being held in September. – carried.

Our next meeting is on September 20, 2023. Reports are due by the 11th of September.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:50 pm.

Submitted by  Sandy Blood