All books and audio books may be taken out for two weeks (14 days). A phone call during Library business hours is sufficient for renewing materials, you must speak to a staff member (messages left on the answering machine will not be accepted). Magazines are allowed to be taken out for one week (7 days) and movies are also allowed to be checked out for one week (7 days). We issue Library cards to all new and existing patrons, you must notify us of an address or phone number change. Patrons are responsible or any material checked out under their name. If the Library materials are damaged or lost, the patron is responsible for the item at the value determined by the Library.


We have DVDs to loan that may be signed out for one week (7 days). Your must be 18 or older to sign out DVDs. FIVE (5) DVDs MAY BE TAKEN OUT PER PERSON. DVDs may be placed in the drop box when we are closed. Please be sure to put the DVDs back into their cases before returning them. If a disc is scratched or damaged when you receive it, please notify the Library so that we can send it in for repair, otherwise we reserve the right to bill you for the damaged material.


A person under the age of 8 years old may not use our computers without adult supervision with them. Ages 8-14 will be able to use the computers at the staff’s discretion. Everyone must sign in at the front desk before using the computer. The maximum time on the computer is 1 hour. (With exceptions for school or work. Extra time to be arranged with the Librarian). Computers will be shut down 15 minutes before closing time. No drinks are allowed near the computers.


For faxes, we charge $1.00 for each fax sent, incoming faxes are $.20 cents per page. international faxes are $5.00 for the first page and $3.00 for each additional page. Black & White prints and copies are $.20 cents each, Color is $.25 cents. Photo printing is $.50 cents per page. Seniors and Organizations receive a $.05 cents discount. We offer laminating, $1.00 per 8.5×11 sheet, $.50 cents for a half page or any size smaller.


Our patrons receive the same privacy, no matter your age, race, or sex. The library will not release your personal information, unless required by law.


We do have a back room that is available for meetings, by appointment only, with the understanding that there isn’t a door on the room for privacy. There is a maximum of 8 people allowed in the room at one time. To schedule the use of the room, please contact the Library.


The Library is a tobacco free facility.


Patrons are allowed to have capped beverages while in the Library but not at the computers. No food is allowed in the front of the Library. All food must be eaten in the back room along with any beverages that are not capped.