Ed Erhart – President

Dan Minner – Vice President

Susan Gilman – Treasurer

Sandy Blood – Secretary

Allison Girod

Merry Lankow

Nancy Barr

Elisabeth Wagatha


The Board meets the second Wednesday of every month at 3:30 pm.

The Cattaraugus Free Library Board Meeting Minutes

Cattaraugus Free Library Board Minutes                                10-17-18

Ed, Nancy, Holly, Renee, Sue, Erin, Liz, Sandy, and Allison were at the meeting.

Secretary’s Report: Sandy made a motion to accept the report, Allison 2nd – carried

Treasurer’s Report:

  • $35,000 from the school vote is in. Allison would like to move $25,000 to savings – board suggested leave it as is until QuickBooks discussion.
  • Allison gave us a copy of the letter she wrote to address the IRS fine. We are waiting for a reply.
  • Sandy and Ed volunteered to do the May – Oct audit in November.
  • Allison made a motion to raise the pay rates to $11.10 and $11.70 starting in January, Renee 2nd – carried
  • We will visit the PFL costs in December if they remain close to what they are we will pay them , if they go up a lot we may pass the costs on to the employees.
  • Allison and her husband will be doing taxes in the library starting the first week in February. They will keep the same hours.
  • Erin is going to check on the Bullet Aid – we usually receive the check at the annual meeting and we did not. There is no information available right now.

Sandy made a motion to accept the report, Renee 2nd – carried

Director’s report:

  • The CLV is putting together a t-shirt advertisement fundraiser. They asked us to participate; Renee made a motion to purchase the 6” advertisement for $299, Liz 2nd – carried
  • Sandy and Erin completed the interviews. Renee made a motion to hire Lori Antholzner, Allison 2nd – carried. She will start Nov. 5th

Liz made a motion to accept the report, Sandy 2nd – carried

Sexual Harassment Policy was retro actively approved, must be in effect as of Oct. 9th, 2018. Allison made the motion, Holly 2nd – carried. It is posted on the website – after the initial training, on Nov. 5th, 2018 no one can work in the library without training.

Payroll forms were changed the sheets are set up so regular hours are listed, any other hours (except training – Sandy can sign for these) must be board approved. The employee must sign the sheet and the person calling in the hours must sign the sheet.

KOHA is getting an upgrade at the end of November 17.1 to 18.5

QuickBooks training is scheduled. Sandy, Erin and Ed are attending. Allison will be out of town.

KOHA system requires all workers to sign in with their library card. It will be marked staff. No one can work under another person’s card. KOHA also automatically sends bills and notices to patrons for overdue books, DVDs, etc. all material 45 days late will receive a text, email or letter (the library gets a message and sends the letter). When this is done KOHA automatically locks you out of the all 38 libraries until the material is returned or paid for.

OPEC will now have a reading list for each patron. These lists will be in a personal account, each patron is responsible for their password the library will not be able to recover it for you. They will be able to issue a new password.

Systems is now incorporated. The library will have a new email system. We will have a chat available between the 38 libraries. We need to go to 2 phone lines, one for the library and one for the fax. Systems will be able to log in and fix our computers and fax remotely.  The 2nd line will show about a $4 increase over the current bill. This will take place after KOHA rolls over and goes live.

All electronics need to be purchased through Systems in order to be maintained. If we purchase independently we must maintain.

Sandy has finished labeling and inventorying all 14,380 books! The only ones not done are on the lost list.

Systems has made all the patron computers in all 38 libraries have identical set ups and the same icons.

It was noted that 26 new large print books have been added this year. Dan has requested we get more of them. Erin has stated she will order 1 large print book with every book order starting Jan 1st.

The new hire, Lori has a regular schedule and fill in hours.

Ed attended the Town of New Albion meeting. The Library will be getting $2000 this year, not the usual $4000. Bridge costs are way up and they are cutting all extras.

Ed shut the air conditioner down for the winter. Sandy purchase and donated a cover for it.

The back wall is still leaking. We have water on the floor of the backroom. A Fix has to be done. Ed will get 2 estimates. It will have to be dug out and repaired. The file cabinet has been put up on blocks but our new cabinets are floor to ceiling and cannot be raised so they are soaking up water.

We received a robo call from Lowes that our windows are in.

Ed and Sandy have been working on the shelving. Some have to be lowered. So they are cleaning the walls behind the shelves as they rearrange.

The entry door to the shared stairway (between the Library and Jenny Lee’s) needs to be replaced. Jenny Lee bought the door and Ed will donate the time it takes to install it and paint it.

Ed built a wooden collection box to put under the book drop. It looks great!

Renee asked for an agenda to be mailed with the reports.

Sandy has a list of policies from systems that we need to write. We are basically playing catch up most businesses already have most of them.

There is a new 2018 Trustee handbook. It will be available to us in book form next year. It is online now. One copy is being sent to the library soon.

Next meeting is November 28th at 3:30 pm.

Reports are due to Erin 11-12-18           Sue made a motion to adjourn at 4:28 pm, Liz 2nd -carried