Should any patron of the Cattaraugus Free Library (The Library) raise a question about any materials provided by the Library being in any way objectionable, the complainant must file a written complaint with the Library Director.

The complainant must be properly identified before the request is considered.

No action will be taken before the complaint is brought before the Board of Trustees.

The written complaint will be presented to the Board of Trustees. The Board shall read and examine the challenged material, consider the specific objections to the material voiced by the complainant, weight the values and faults of the material as a whole.

The Board will, where appropriate, solicit advice or opinion from other library Directors, the Library Systems, the American Library Association office for Intellectual Freedom and the New York State Intellectual Freedom Committee.

The Board shall issue a written report within ninety days to the Director containing its recommendations concerning any complaint.

The Director shall review the report of the Board and notify the complainant.