Cattaraugus Free Library Web Site and Facebook Policy

It is the policy of the Cattaraugus Free Library (CFL) that our Web Site and Facebook are for effectively communicating and marketing our missions, programs, initiatives, announcements and events to the public. It is used to nurture existing relationships and develop new ones by sharing useful content.

Our main goal is to connect with our patrons.


  1. No slamming anyone and /or company.
  2. Keep your opinions to yourself.
  3. Keep it professional. Remember you are posting on behalf of the Library.
  4. Be helpful and courteous.
  5. Do share the Library’s news and events.
  6. Do answer questions.
  7. Do remember anything you post is shared with everyone our sites are public.
  8. Do review the web content often and remove anything that is no longer valid.
  9. Do not share personal information.
  10. Do not give advice.
  11. Do not promote specific for profit products or services.
  12. Do not respond to anyone posting negative comments about the Library.
  13. Do not disclose Library confidential information.
  14. Do not assume that clip art, shareware, freeware, or materials labeled “royalty-free” or “copyright-free” can be distributed or copied without authorization. Read the terms and conditions many cannot be shared by a business. If someone complains about unauthorized use remove it immediately. When in doubt, seek permission.
  15. Delete comments which are vulgar, racist or inappropriate.
  16. Don’t forget to proofread your posts carefully.
  17. Use the clearest and simplest language appropriate for the site.
  18. Be sure the information you post is accurate.
  19. Providing accessible information to our patrons.
  20. Regularly conducting reviews of our website content.
  21. Making sure all web pages on our sites fit within the Library’s mission.
  22. Ensuring a consistent look and feel throughout the website.
  23. Adding only approved content on our web pages.
  24. Choosing topics carefully with consideration given to the target audience.
  25. Wording must be easily understood by all and not be ambiguous.
  26. Keep it simple it needs to be tasteful in size and color.

Our website content should present a clear image of our programs, services, and general information, therefore, our web pages must undergo the same professional scrutiny and careful preparation given to any other official publication.

The manager is responsible for the content of published pages and is expected to adhere to the guidelines, policies and procedures set forth in this document.

In many respects, social media has replaced newspapers and magazines and people believe if it is in print, it must be true. Things get taken out of context, misunderstandings happen and businesses can suffer, all because of a single post.  Social media not only allows us to communicate with others but also creates new responsibilities. Make sure to give your posts some thought, because you never know who is reading the messages that you post. As a representative of the Library anything you post on the Library’s sites are a reflection on the Library. If you are in doubt of anything you wish to post be sure to clear it with the Board first.

Any violation of this policy will lead to suspension and or termination.

Adopted 9/19/18