Cattaraugus Free Library

Distribution of Free Public Service Materials


The Board of Trustees recognizes that the public library has a role in the community to disseminate information which is community oriented and which residents of Cattaraugus and/or library users will find useful. The Board recognizes that many civic, social, cultural, recreational, educational, and health related agencies and organizations view the library as a place for publicizing activities and concerns.


In line with constitutional rights and privileges and the Library Bill of Rights, the Board does not discriminate toward any group or individual or purpose they represent.


Space is provided in the library for free distribution of brochures and fliers provided by agencies and organizations and which provide information of interest and/or use to the community and to library users.


Materials which are to be freely distributed must meet the following criteria:


  1. Materials must be confined to the Information Shelving Unit or other display areas
  2. Material of a commercial nature will not be accepted
  3. Petitions will not be accepted, library employees can not assume responsibility for verification of eligibility
  4. Library employees will not be responsible for contacting agencies, organizations, or individuals with regard to the disposal or replacement of materials left in the library for free distribution
  5. All materials must indicate on each copy the name of the agency or organization responsible for the flyer or brochure
  6. Materials should in no way imply connection to the Cattaraugus Free Library, unless an official connection does exist
  7. All material is left with the understanding that library staff may discard the materials based on space considerations, current nature of the material, and apparent lack of interest in the material
  8. The Library Director may decide on the quantity of materials to be left for free distribution

Adopted 12/15/2021